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The Profondo Grigio project is a simple Graphic Engine developed for the "Interactive 3D Graphics" exam, at the University of Studies in Udine.

It has been developed by a small team of two people:
  • Mirko Da Corte
  • Paolo Morettin

The engine is written in C++, and it's based on OpenGL (,
GLEW ( and
AntTweakBar (
The project is cross-platform, so it can run on Windows, Linux and Mac (with properly dependent libraries).

It can read a Scene file, built with a special syntax, and permits to move inside the scene.
Scene is composed by Cameras, Transformations, Lights, and Objects. All entities are disposed in an hierarchial structure, where Transforms can contain other entities.
Objects are loaded from .obj files, and they can have textures.
Cameras can use post-effect algorithms.

You can set more cameras with different parameters, and switch the active camera to test different effects. Every camera can move with a Free mode and a Radial mode: the Free mode permits to move in "god mode", rotating around you and translating where you want, while the Radial mode permits to move around the scene's center, pointing on it, and you can zoom in and out from the point.

You can find the Scene file syntax in the Documentation page.

Video on YouTube:


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